The last few weeks have been very exciting :)

Since I started with the new job I've been involved in some pretty cool stuff:

  1. Planning a Hack Day, to be hosted at the Isobar Porto Alegre office in about 2 months
  2. Creating a Labs team, to hack some Arduino, experimental APIs and other geek projects. The first project is really awesome, I hope to have something to show you next week ;)
  3. On the next saturday (March 28) we are hosting a gathering of the Design Web Book Club, a group dedicated to the study of good practices in UI, UX, Mobile, CSS, HTML5, JS and general Web Design. So, if you are in the Porto Alegre area, please join! There will be a talk about Information Architecture and Design.
  4. In a few months I'll be taking a lead role in a project at work, so in May I'll probably be around Saint Louis (Missouri) for some meetings.
  5. We had a problem with text color over a video, so I grabbed an old JavaScript experiment of mine and tried to make some smart detection to change the text color over dark or light video backgrounds. It was interesting, so I'll be writing a post about it today.

At Game Design school I´ve been experimenting of organic modeling and digital painting, here's some of my first works :)