Been experimenting with Ghost since the public release on Oct-14 and let me tell you, what a sweet ride.

Extremely fast to install and you can get it live in minutes. The documentation is simple and direct. This blog itself is Ghost.

Having trouble installing? Head to the forum to get some quick help from the creators and the community.

Oh, and the community.

That's the beauty of open-source. Just jump to github, dive in the source code, browse through the issues, open new ones, help solve some, and know what is and what will happen with the project.

Help, be helped and evolve.

By the way, this one helped me get Ghost running on AWS with almost no effort You should read the comments there to see what others did with the info.

Templating as it should be

Gotta tell you, I have a profound resentment toward templating in Wordpress. I know, I know, you don't have to use WP, but you gotta admit it's everywhere, and if you are a dude that makes websites, you probably coded for it before.

And yeah, I know there are plugins to help you create templates the right way inside WP. But it's not a feature, it's closer to a hack in my opinion.

What do you mean by the right way?

I mean, this:

{{#foreach posts}}

<article class="{{post_class}}">
    <header class="post-header">
        <span class="post-meta"><time datetime="{{date format='YYYY-MM-DD'}}">{{date format="DD MMM YYYY"}}</time> {{#if tags}}on {{tags}}{{/if}}</span>
        <h2 class="post-title"><a href="{{url}}">{{{title}}}</a></h2>

    <section class="post-excerpt">


There's no variable assignment, no database query, no potentially harmful code that will break down your entire system or allow malicious access to it. It's clean, direct, human-readable, proper. Standardizing hacking is not the way.

As a front-end developer, I need something easy to use to get the information I need to appear on the screen, the way I want it.

By the way, the code above is from Casper, the default theme that comes with Ghost.

Ghost's themes are powered by handlebars, a logic-less templating language, and if you don't know anything about the new breed of templating, you got quite a lot to read.


Writing in Ghost is a bliss. Powered by Haunted Markdown, based on the original Markdown, mixed with the GitHub Flavored Markdown and MultiMarkdown, you preview what you write as you type it. It's pretty, easy and kinda fun. You don't have to worry about the HTML markup, and I think publishers wanted something like this.

Posts have just two configurations at this moment: URL and Pub Date.

It's missing something

Of course it is, it's not even v1. But it feels solid, even as simple it may look. There's a long road ahead, with lots of features to implement. Meanwhile, it's a nice blog platform, with a technology more than confortable for the average web developer to hack and implement.

Thoughts on the comment section below :)