So, almost 3 weeks without a post... that will not do!

What's going on?
Last post I talked about some stuff, let's get updates on that and mix it up.

Labs and hacks
At our office we are still on the works to form a Labs team and kicking off our first project. We had so much going on and this didn't hit our priority list on the last weeks, but that should change in the following days.

I'm working on a WebGL game and I should have a prototype by tuesday. It involves a spaceship, orbital motion, intense 2d action and awesome graphics.

Also, I have a few gists and experiments to share, my next post should be about them :) I'll be at a 2-day hackathon this weekend, so I'll also talk about that too.

Design Web Book Club On March 28 we had a meeting of the Design Web Book Club at our office (construction is not 100% finished, that's why the cables on the picture :p). It was awesome! Nina led a very dynamic discussion about Information Architecture, we talked about the group's plans and I hope we can get to have another meeting soon.

Google I/O Extended (Porto Alegre)
We are helping the GDG Porto Alegre to host at our office the I/O Extended in May 28-30. There will be live streaming at our auditorium and a day filled with talks, code, coffee and sharing. More details later this month.

Isobar Porto Alegre Hackathon
The cogs are moving, tomorrow I'm having a meeting with a really awesome person from Isobar US to get some serious tips about planning the event and hopefully get some pretty great people to join us here in Porto Alegre :D

We are hiring!
I'm helping to look for awesome people to work at Isobar Porto Alegre (Isobar World Sourcing Brazil, to be precise). We have some openings (Java back-end, Android, front-end) and if you are looking for a great place to work, where you can grow and experiment and be part of a very motivated, smart and open group, drop me an email at

I'll leave you with some cool links from the past weeks. See ya o/

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Super Mario 64 HD by Roystan Ross

Introducing Learn JS Data by @vlandham

Initiation to Code by @ichthala

Dart officially as Yet Another Transpiled Language by @WebReflection

FOUT, FOIT, FOFT by @real_css_tricks

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